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resep masakan >resep masakan Adi Sucipto News and Entertainment delicious recipe berita bola jual obral pojok game recept Vol 14, No 1 (2023): Peer review: a process undergoing a required transformation Mostra a grandezza intera


Informazioni Vol 14, No 1 (2023): Peer review: a process undergoing a required transformation

Italian Journal of Library, Archives and Information Science
Rivista Italiana di biblioteconomia, archivistica e scienza dell'informazione

Andrea Capaccioni, Mauro Guerrini, Rossana Morriello (edited by)

Table of Contents

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Peer review: a process undergoing a required transformation
Mauro Guerrini, Andrea Capaccioni, Rossana Morriello, Editorial Board


Scholarly publishing and peer review in the Global South: the role of the reviewer
Peter Lor
Peer review ethics in Iranian LIS scholarly journals: a comparison between views of reviewers and authors
Rahmatollah Fattahi, Reza Rajabali Beglou, Somayeh Sadat Akhshik
Towards peer review as a group engagement
Andrea Bonaccorsi
Open peer review: the point of view of scientific journal editors
Ernest Abadal , Remedios Melero
Open peer review: some considerations on the selection and management of reviewers
Andrea Capaccioni
Gender equality in library science and book history Italian journals: a focus on boards, authors and peer-reviewers
Valentina Sonzini
Peer review in research assessment and data analysis of Italian publications in SSD M-STO/08 (Archival science, bibliography, library science)
Rossana Morriello
The role of peer review in the evaluation of research in Italy. Some remarks on the evaluation of PRINs
Maurizio Vivarelli
Firenze University Press: the peer review policy of an Italian academic publisher. Interview with Fulvio Guatelli by Alessia Papa
Fulvio Guatelli
  • Codice ISSN (on line) 2038-1026
  • Numero pagine 143
  • Formato 21x29,7
  • Anno 2023
  • The Journal web site:
  • Creative Commons CC-BY

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