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This is not a book

Essays on Fictionality

Dolcini Nevia

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Note sul testo

Not only do we enjoy the company of fictional characters as we read a novel, watch a movie, or listen to a story, but we also become emotionally involved with them and their adventures. Ordinary interaction with fiction constitutes the starting point for the ongoing philosophical debate on the ontological and metaphysical status of fictional objects. This book addresses the contemporary debate on the ontological status of fiction, while offering a perspective sensitive to the problem of the criterion for discriminating between fiction and reality.

Note sull'autore
Nevia Dolcini is Assistant Professor at the University of Macau. Her interests include topics in the philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychology, and metaphysics.

  • Autore/i Dolcini Nevia
  • Codice ISBN (print) 978-88-6056-336-1
  • Numero pagine 71
  • Formato 14,5x20,5
  • Anno 2012
  • Editore © 2012 eum edizioni università di Macerata

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