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Trust and conflict in intercultural processes View full size


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Trust and conflict in intercultural processes

Experience, practice, reflections

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This volume is the result of an international seminar held within the research project Marie Curie Actions of the theme: Stimulators and Inhibitors of Culture of Trust in Educational Interactions assisted by Modern Information and Communication Technology. Reflecting on the culture of trust requires to investigate the space and time of education, customs and communication. Within these contexts one can experience the complexity of the situations and conditions of the actions embedded in the achievement of trust. The awareness of the historical circumstances grounding the existential experience implies to rethink new processes of social cohesion for the construction of lasting synergies.
The authors participating in this volume address the diverse dynamics of trust and conflict in our contemporary societies. They discuss and analyze the subject matter with an interdisciplinary approach so to focus on specific practices of interactions. Special emphasis is given to explore intercultural paradigms in education, ethics, literature, politics and law.

Note sull'autore

Flavia Stara is Full Professor in Philosophy of Education at the University of Macerata, Italy.

Rosita Deluigi is Researcher in Education at the University of Macerata, Italy.

Michele Corsi, It is trust that makes society and globalization possible

Flavia Stara, Rosita Deluigi, Dimensions and Practices of Trust

Alla Matuszak, Teacher-student culture of trust in educational process: prognostic aspect

Tatiana B. Grebenyuk, Trust as pedagogical category in the context of the concepcy of individuality

Elżbieta Perzycka, Contexts of developing information literacy in the digital learning environment – constructive-cognitive perspective

Gabriella Aleandri, Trust in times of crisis. Reflections and educational perspectives in an intercultural way

Rosita Deluigi, Trust and conflict: reach out or close the door?

Mohmad Saleem Jahangir, Aaliya Ahmed, Aneesa Shafi, Diffusion of Knowledge and the role of Languages: Understanding the Gap across cultures

Meem H. Zaffar, Language and Identity. Violence in the Literature of Kashmiri Language

Federico Zannoni, The Scotland’s Shame? Trust and conflict in sectarian neighborhoods

Paolo Palchetti, Trust and conflict in the settlement of international disputes: the dispute between Germany and Italy on immunity for international crimes

Isabella Crespi, Living in multicultural families: Education, values and relationships in a globalized society

Raffaele Tumino, If not now, when? From intercultural education to education for transculturality

Flavia Stara, Meem H. Zaffar, Afterword, Trust as a horizon of expectations. The rights of the person and the case of Hijras in India


Project 7 Framework Programme Marie Curie, Action People-IRSES, no. SIT 315879, SIT-Stimulators and Inhibitors of Culture of Trust in Educational Interactions Assisted by Modern Information and Communication Technology

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  • Codice ISBN (print) 978-88-6056-461-0
  • Numero pagine 172
  • Formato 14x21
  • Anno 2016
  • Editore © 2016 eum edizioni università di macerata

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