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HECL X / 1 2015 View full size


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HECL X / 1 2015

History of education & children’s literature
X / 1 2015
Half-yearly journal / Rivista semestrale

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This issue 

The role of scientific journals in the development and internationalization of historical-educational research, edited by Roberto Sani

Carlos Eduardo VieiraJosé Gonçalves Gondra, «Revista Brasileira de História da Educação»: trajetória e os desafios da internacionalização (2001-2014) 
Eckhardt FuchsRebekka HorlacherJürgen OelkersDaniel Tröhler, Challenging national boundaries in the history of education. An outline of the journal «Bildungsgeschichte: International Journal for the Historiography of Education» (IJHE) 
Décio Gatti Júnior, The role and current challenges of the Brazilian periodical «Cadernos de História da Educação?» in scientific publishing in the history of education in the twenty-first century
José Luis Hernández HuertaAntonella Cagnolati, En la Historia de la Educación. La gestión editorial, las revistas de Historia de la Educación y «Espacio, Tiempo y Educación» 
Maria Helena Camara BastosClaudemir de QuadrosMaria Stephanou, Revista «História da Educação» da ASPHE/RS (Brasil): compartilhando estudos e pesquisas desde 1997 
Marta Ruiz-Corbella, Arturo GalánAlfonso Diestro, Las revistas científicas en educación ante la exigencia de la sociedad en red 
Antonio Viñao Frago, Revistas científicas e historia de la educación: una reflexión personal 
Roberto Sani, «History of Education & Children’s Literature» and the internationalization of historical-educational research in Italy (2006-2014) 

Nineteenth- and twentieth-century schools as a laboratory for the promotion of national identity and citizenship education / Part One Call for Papers for the 10th anniversary of the journal «History of Education & Children’s Literature» (2006-2015)
, edited by Roberto Sani

Ingrid Brühwiler, Citizenship education in Switzerland before, during and after the First World War
Ina Katharina Uphoff, The construction of Heimat on German wallcharts in the early 20th century, and the part it played in creating a national identity 
Elaine Cátia Falcade Maschio, Celebrating Italianità: the teaching of the Italian language and culture in ethnic schools in Paraná, Brazil 
Ramona Caramelea, A school subject serving the nation. Geography textbooks in Romania (1864-1945) 
Alla SalnikovaZhanna Khamitova, School architecture as a way of promotion of Soviet identity in the 1930s’ Stalinist Russia 
Lucia Wanjiku, 19th and 20th-century school as a laboratory for national identity and citizenship education: the case of Uganda
Paulí DávilaIñaki ZabaletaJoxe Garmendia, The construction of the Basque Fatherland: religion, nationalism and education (1895-1931) 
Adriana KičkováMária Kiššová, Czechoslovak identity and history course books in the Czechoslovak Republic (1918-1939) 
Tomáš KasperDana Kasperová, National, state and civic education in the Czech lands of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and, after 1918, in Czechoslovakia 
Anna AscenziRoberto Sani, The teaching of Rights and Duties in the schools of united Italy: between ideological control, social discipline and citizenship education (1861-1900). Part One 
Cecilia AxellJonas Hallström, Technology and the shaping of a Swedish national identity in the educational work of Selma Lagerlöf, 1900-1907 
Blanka Kudláčová, National character of the Educational Reform Movement in Slovakia in the interwar period 
Joaquim Pintassilgo, Carlos Manique da Silva, School military education and the construction of a national identity in Portugal in the passage from the 19th to the 20th Century
Xavier Tornafoch Yuste, Isavena Opisso Atienza, National identity, civic values and school textbooks in Spain: La Enciclopedia cíclico-pedagógica and El libro de España (1931-1957)
Evelina Scaglia, The Regents’ System of Marco Agosti between Fascism and democracy 
Guillemette Tison, French pupils between the two wars of 1870-1871 and 1914-1918. Reading books and their patriotic consciousness 
Eliane Mimesse Prado, Obstacles to teaching the Portuguese language in elementary schools in the city of São Paulo (Brazil) in the early 20th century
Vučina Zorić, Fundamentals of John Dewey’s concept of civic education 
Mirella D’Ascenzo, Nation building in the school prize giving ceremonies of the first decades after Italian Unification. A case study of post-unification Bologna 
Miguel Beas Miranda, Erika González García, Study and interpretation of citizens’ multiple identities in Spanish schoolbooks on «Education for Citizenship and Human Rights» 
Anthony L. Smyrnaios, The slow nationalization of Greek education through history teaching in the 19th Century 
Branko Šuštar, The historical development of the formation of the elite in the south of the Habsburg Empire. Slovenes and the schooling of the intellectual class in the late 1800s and early 1900s
Dorena Caroli, Russian schools abroad. National identity, Soviet reforms and cosmopolitan education by Sergei I. Hessen (1887-1950) 
Elisabeth Erdmann, The functionalization of history and social studies education in Germany from the 19th century until today 
Pablo Toro Blanco, Towards a new Chile through the heart: aspects on the construction of a nationalist emotionology in school textbooks during Pinochet years (c.1974-c.1984) 
Edvard Protner, The process of the Slovenian pedagogy gaining independence under the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy 
Agustín Escolano Benito, The identity of the schoolbook as textual genre and as mediation of cultural construction of the educated citizenship 
Giorgia Grilli, English public schools and the moulding of the 'Englishman' 

International Referees’ Committee (2015)

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