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Crossing the Cultural Divide: An Englishman in Italy Mostra a grandezza intera



Crossing the Cultural Divide: An Englishman in Italy

Stewart Dominic

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Note sul testo

Crossing the Cultural Divide: An Englishman in Italy is the tale of Hugh Stalwart, an English teacher who chooses to cross the cultural divide and take up residence in Italy. It’s the story of a man who tries to blend into Italian life and culture as inconspicuously as he can, but who keeps running into trouble and making the most appalling gaffes. Twenty years of Stalwart’s life and times are traced through a series of snapshots which provide comic insights both into the Italian way of life and into the British in Italy.

Note sull'autore

Dominic Stewart has lived in Italy since 1987. He currently teaches English Language and Italian-English Translation at the University of Macerata, after working for many years at the School for Interpreters and Translators at Forlì, University of Bologna. He has numerous publications on corpus linguistics and translation.

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  • Autore/i Stewart Dominic
  • Codice ISBN (print) 978-88-6056-177-0
  • Numero pagine 293
  • Formato 14,5x20,5
  • Anno 2009
  • Editore © 2009 eum edizioni università di Macerata

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