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Bibliographic Control in the Digital Ecosystem Mostra a grandezza intera



Bibliographic Control in the Digital Ecosystem

edited by Giovanni Bergamin, Mauro Guerrini ; with the assistance of Carlotta Alpigiano

Note sul testo
With the contributions of international experts, the book aims to explore the new boundaries of universal bibliographic control. Bibliographic control is radically changing because the bibliographic universe is radically changing: resources, agents, technologies, standards and practices. Among the main topics addressed: library cooperation networks; legal deposit; national bibliographies; new tools and standards (IFLA LRM, RDA, BIBFRAME); authority control and new alliances (Wikidata, Wikibase, Identifiers); new ways of indexing resources (artificial intelligence); institutional repositories; new book supply chain; “discoverability” in the IIIF digital ecosystem; role of thesauri and ontologies in the digital ecosystem; bibliographic control and search engines.

Table of Contents
Welcome by the Rector of the University of Florence IX, Luigi Dei
Welcome by the Director of the Department of History, Archaeology, Geography, Art History and Performing Arts (SAGAS) of the University of Florence XI, Andrea Zorzi
Welcome by the IFLA President 2019-2021 XIII, Christine Mackenzie
Welcome by the AIB President XV, Rosa Maiello
Welcome by the Chair of the IFLA Bibliographic Section XVII, Mathilde Koskas
Welcome by the Director of the National Central Library of Florence XIX, Luca Bellingeri
Welcome by the Director of the National Central Library of Rome XXI, Andrea De Pasquale
Welcome by the Director of the Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries XXIII, Simonetta Buttò
International Conference Bibliographic Control in the Digital Ecosystem, Florence, Italy, 8-12 February 2021 XXVII, Scientific Commettee & Organising Committee

Universal bibliographic control today: preliminary remarks, Mathilde Koskas, 1-7

Conference BC 2021, Josep Torn, 8-11

Universal bibliographic control in the digital ecosystem: opportunities and challenges, Mauro Guerrini, 12-18

Standards in a new bibliographic world, Renate Behrens, 19-24

Bibliographic control in the fifth information age, Gordon Dunsire, 25-36

Follow me to the library! Bibliographic data in a discovery driven world, Richard Wallis, 37-44

Collocation and Hubs. Fundamental and New Version, Sally H. McCallum, 45-52

Universal bibliographic control in the semantic web. Opportunities and challenges for the reconciliation of bibliographic data models, Tiziana Possemato, 53-66

Control or Chaos: Embracing Change and Harnessing Innovation in an Ecosystem of Shared Bibliographic Data, Ian Bigelow, Abigail Sparling, 67-85

The multilingual challenge in bibliographic description and access, Pat Riva, 86-98

Rethinking bibliographic control in the light of IFLA LRM entities: the ongoing process at the National Library of France, Françoise Leresche, 99-106

The future of bibliographic services in light of new concepts of authority control, Michele Casalini, 107-115

New Challenges in Metadata Management between Publishers and Libraries, Piero Attanasio, 116-122

Two-dimensional books for the new Open Access academic publishing, Fulvio Guatelli, 123-131

Bibliographic control and institutional repositories: welcome to the jungle, Tessa Piazzini, 132-142

In the mangrove society: a collaborative Legal Deposit management hypothesis for the preservation of and permanent access to the national cultural heritage, Giuliano Genetasio, Elda Merenda, Chiara Storti, 143-155

Thesauri in the Digital Ecosystem, Anna Lucarelli, 156-176

How to build an «Identifiers’ policy»: the BnF use case, Vincent Boulet, 177-184

The International Standard Name Identifier: extending identity management across the global metadata supply chain, Andrew MacEwan, 185-195

VIAF and the linked data ecosystem, Nathan Putnam, 196-202

Call me by your name: towards an authority data control shared between archives and libraries, Pierluigi Feliciati, 203-214

Should catalogue wade in open water?, Paul Gabriele Weston, 215-233

The National Library Of Norway – policies and services, Oddrun Pauline Ohren, 234-245

The Italian National Bibliography today, Paolo Wos Bellini, 246-255

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and bibliographic control. DDC Short Numbers – towards machine-based classifying, Elisabeth Mödden, 256-264

Annif and Finto AI: Developing and Implementing Automated Subject Indexing, Osma Suominen, Juho Inkinen, Mona Lehtinen, 265-282

Towards an open and collaborative Authority Control, Barbara Fischer, 283-290

Wikidata: a new perspective towards universal bibliographic control, Carlo Bianchini, Lucia Sardo, 291-311

“Discoverability” in the IIIF digital ecosystem, Paola Manoni, 312-320

Bibliographic Control of Research Datasets: reflections from the EUI Library, Thomas Bourke, 321-334

Integrated Search System: evolving the authority files, Elena Ravelli, Maria Cristina Mataloni, 335-346

DREAM. A project about non-Latin script data, Antonella Fallerini, Agnese Galeffi, Andrea Ribichini, Mario Santanché, Mattia Vallania, 347-355

Two Projects and a Thesaurus. Recent Experiences in the Management, Descriptions and Indexing of Oral Sources, Sabina Magrini, 356-367

The bibliographic control of music in the digital ecosystem. The case of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (BSB), Klaus Kempf, 368-373

Riviste digitali e digitalizzate italiane (RIDI): a reconnaissance for the national newspaper library, Fabio D’Orsogna, Giulio Palanga, 374-389

Closing remarks, Giovanni Bergamin, Mauro Guerrini, Laura Manzoni, 391

This volume includes the complete proceedings of the International Conference Bibliographic Control in the Digital Ecosystem, Florence, Italy, 8-12 February 2021. Papers were first published in the journal 13 (1) 2022 AIB (Associazione italiana biblioteche), EUM (Edizioni Università di Macerata) and FUP (Firenze University Press) are co-publishers of this work.

Series: Biblioteche & bibliotecari / Libraries & librarians
Scientific Board

Front cover: ©marzolino/123RF.COM

  • Codice ISBN (print) 978-88-5518-542-4
  • Codice ISBN (PDF) 978-88-5518-544-8
  • Codice ISSN (print) 2612-7709
  • Codice ISSN (on line) 2704-5889
  • DOI
  • Numero pagine 391
  • Formato 19,5 x 26
  • Anno 2022
  • Creative Commons CC BY 4.0
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