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The Shrine of Dodona in the Archaic and Classical Ages. A History Mostra a grandezza intera



The Shrine of Dodona in the Archaic and Classical Ages. A History

Jessica Piccinini

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Note sul testo
Travelling to oracular sanctuaries was one of the main motivations for long-distance movements in antiquity. Located on the fringes of the Greek world, the oracular sanctuary of Zeus at Dodona attracted visitors from the Early Iron Age, but only from the mid-7th century BC onwards did its catchment area expand far beyond the Pindos mountain range. This book covers the history of the shrine from its emergence as a cult place up to the acquisition of a pan-Hellenic reputation, taking into account the communities and private individuals who dedicated, consulted, and performed rituals there.

Note sull'autrice
Jessica Piccinini (DPhil in Ancient History, 2012) is Research Associate at the University of Vienna. She has been awarded research scholarships and fellowships at the University of Vienna, the Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Atene, the Center of Hellenic Studies (Washington DC), the National Hellenic Research Foundation, the University of Cincinnati. Her research interests focus on the history and historiography of Epirus, the Adriatic Sea in Greek and Roman times, and Greek epigraphy of north-western Greece.



Chapter 1. A Sanctuary on the Fringes of the Greek World
A Biased Perspective
Dodona as a Landmark and Crossroads
From Settlement to Shrine

Chapter 2. Euboeans and Dodona
Euboeans at Dodona
Euboean Settlements in Epirus ?
The Euboean Route to Dodona
A Corcyraean Perspective and the Re-Definition of the Corcyraean Peréa

Chapter 3. A Domino Effect. The Corinthians
In the Footsteps of the Euboeans
Between Facts and Artefacts: Corinthians and Dodona
Aletes, Dodona and Korinthos of Zeus

Chapter 4. The Greeks of the North-West
Apollonia of Illyria, between Delphi and Dodona
Corcyra’s Consultations and Anathema

Chapter 5. The Spartan Case
Spartans at Dodona
The Reasons for a Choice

Chapter 6. Between Boeotia and Thessaly
The Boeotians at Dodona
The Tripodephoria of the Boeotians
Pindar, Dodona and Thessaly
The Aleuadae and Dodona
Appendix – The Foundation Legends

Chapter 7. So Far and Yet so Near: Athens and Dodona
A 4th Century Ardent Devotion
The First Contacts
Appendix – Dodona and the Cult of Bendis in Attic Inscriptions
1. IG I3 136
2. IG II2 1283

Index locorum

Cover Illustration: Ram-horned Zeus Ammon from a bronze situla, probably from Dodona (Louvre Br 4235)

  • Codice ISBN 978-88-6056-547-1
  • Numero pagine 203
  • Formato 14x21
  • Anno 2017
  • Editore ©2017 eum edizioni università di macerata

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