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Report eum edizioni università di macerata 2006-2016

“During the years coinciding with the growth and reorganisation of the educational and scientific institutions of the University, we also felt the need to autonomously manage the dissemination of the results of our research, removing it from the oligopolistic grip of commercial editors. The renovation of our offices was necessary and opportune in order to contain publishing and distribution costs. It was also required to stay abreast of technological change and its effects on the university: internationalisation, open access and the third mission (a social, cultural and economic objective in addition to that of higher learning and scientific research). In harmony with the spirit of being a “repository of ideas”, the publishing house has embraced the needs of the university and given shape, identity and value to the scientific production of the academic community of Macerata. Its logo is now synonymous with excellence even beyond local and national confines. Like “a book made up of many books” – using the suggestive expression of Roberto Calasso – EUM has achieved the goal of validating the research carried out at the university. Moreover, 10 years after its establishment, EUM ranks among the most solid Italian university presses, with a catalog of nearly 500 publications the quality of which is guaranteed by rigorous and regulated certification processes. The press has also gained the trust of many authors from other universities, research centers, professional associations, and public and private institutions.”

Letter of the Chair of EUM, Rosa Maria Borraccini

  • Codice ISBN (print) 978-88-6056-495-5
  • Numero pagine 34
  • Formato 16,5x12
  • Anno 2016
  • Editore © 2016 eum edizioni università di macerata
  • Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

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